Hi! I'm Robin, a tech enthusiast, self-taught web developer, and student in the Computer Engineering Technology program at Algonquin College.

I'm currently looking for an internship in software development for the May - August 2019 term.

Favourite Projects

Project 1 description
Drum Machinemore_vert
Drum Machineclose

Interactive drum app created with xyz.

Project 1 description
Flash Card Generatormore_vert
Flash Card Generatorclose

idk does something simple

Head for the Hills browser game
Markdown Previewermore_vert
Markdown Previewerclose

Description goes here something about react etc.

Project 1 description
Pomodoro Clockmore_vert
Pomodoro Clockclose

Productivity tool based on the pomodoro xyz technique.
Uses xyz.

Project 1 description

No words can describe this.

Project 1 description
Random Quote Machinemore_vert
Random Quote Machineclose

Does a thing.

Project 1 description
Subject Name 3more_vert
Subject Name 3close

Heat map of a thing.

Project 1 description
Subject Name 4more_vert
Subject Name 4close

Scatterplot graph of a thing vs. another thing, place, 2018.

Project 1 description
Subject Name 5more_vert
Subject Name 5close

Bar chart of a thing.

Project 1 description
Portfolio Websitemore_vert
Portfolio Websiteclose

This site is a fully responsive and bandwidth-optimized static site.
Designed and coded manually with plain HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.
Uses Materialize.css elements.

Project 1 description
Subnet Calculatormore_vert
Subnet Calculatorclose

Description of what thing does.

Fitbit Viewer Dashboard Photo
Fitbit Desktop Viewermore_vert
Fitbit Desktop Viewerclose

Java Swing desktop application that displays health metrics from a user's Fitbit account.

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